1000 days

norbaf – 1000 days, 2018 – (120 x 72 x 1.5 cm)

This work is a collage of 1000 pictures of the pills (gylenia®) I have taken starting from the 2nd of April 2015, day of the starting of this therapy, each one with date and time. When I didn t take the pill, there is just a picture with only the date and no pills on it. They are all in random order, except for the first photo, first day of this therapy and the last photo on bottom-down, my 1000 day. In every date when I take a pill. into the image there is a pills sticks. The pills are sticked with the yellow part of the pill to compose the background and viceversa, sticked with the white part to compose the two letters “M” and “S” (lettersrappresenting the Multiple Sclerosis). In this manner MS is visible written in yellow. The pills compose “MS” are filled with florescent powder and highlight the “MS” string when in the dark.

Multiple Sclerosis is between us, the disease is not all the time visible to the people surrounding as. Someone can understand it and someone no, different condition, different perspectives, different lights make appear the reality in different mode. Changing the modality on how we look at the same thing, change what we are watch. The SM disease is this, invisible for someone, visible for some others but always present for the people have it.

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