Untitled brain

norbaf – Untitled brain, 2020 – ( 86.0 cm x 73.0 cm x 3.0 cm)

In the foreground a representation of a human brain, made up of 130 needles, stuck on the center of the painting. The background in the top part of the painting is composed by images of MR taken before the therapy where the needles used in the painting have been used in the therapy and, in the bottom part, images of MR taken after the end of those time. The number 132, number needles used, is the exact number of injections (Rebif®) I have made my second year into the Multiple Sclerosis world between the 17th of May 2011 to the 17th of May 2012, when my therapy was Rebif (Interferon beta-1a). To the background is overlapped with a series of stylized images of the human body, front and back, with the date and the spot “x”, where that day the injection has been made. No “body image” are present the days when I had not done any injection.
Each small zone, where the image is divided, represent a single day and are in the image in chronological order starting from the top left and caver all my second year with the multiple sclerosis.


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