The balloon

norbaf – The balloon, 2015 – (67.5 x 95.8 x 16.5 cm)

This work portrays a heart-shaped balloon, made up of 299 syringes sticked on a wood and solid paperboard base. That is the exact number of injection (copaxone®) made between the 5th of July 2014 to the 29th March 2015, before I changed the therapy. The balloon is tied to the frame with a string. The background is a sequence of stylised human body images, front and back, with the date and the spot (“x”) where the injection has been made. No “x” showing the days i have not done any injection. Images are in chronological order from the left side to the right.
The string that is holding the balloon is to symbolise, the ongoing research of a lifeline through troubles of life, represented by the background images and the dark tone. Unexpected event and difficult time can blow away beliefs and hopes, but having something you can lean and rely on, helps not to be torn apart by the storm that life can throw at us.


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