norbaf – 379.5mg, 2017 – (162.2 x 105.3 cm)

This work is a collage of pictures of the pills (gylenia®) I have taken between the 2nd of April 2015 and the 10th of May 2017, each one with date and time. When I didn t take the pill, there is just a picture with only the date and no pills are in it. They are all in random order, except for the first one, which is the start day of this therapy and the last one, which is my 39th birthday. Overlapping the collage, there is the word “Hope”. A heart is replacing the letter “o” and it is the only colourful element in the whole picture.
Through this work, I wanted to highlight the passage of the time in a chronic ill’s life and the recurring action of taking a pill. Like a pray that you say every night. The pictures keep repeating like the action of taking the pill, always the same but every time with a new different meaning.


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